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Bria Mobile (IOS & Android)

[ SoftPhone ]   The term 'SoftPhone' refers to a software phone, be it on a PC, MAC, tablet, or phone type device. Our servers/systems support SIP-based softphones.

If you are looking for a good stable SIP-based Phone solution for your mobile phone, we recommend a product called 'Bria', the 'Bria Solo' package.

URL : https://www.counterpath.com/plan-select-solo/

The current 'cost' of Bria is $2.95/month (Billed $35.40/annually).

How it works : Because it is software on your phone/device, Bria works using your 'data' connection just like any other App, whether it's cell service or local wi-fi. If you are using Bria on a cell phone, it is an app, and thus not interfere with your regular phone service/function.

Unlimited Data Required/Recommended : Using a softphone on a mobile device/tablet requires the use of the 'data' aspect of your device - which could mean a lot of data bandwidth per month depending on how much you use it. For this reason, we recommend that this solution is used on devices with unlimited data plans or restricted to use with wi-fi connections so that you don't incur additional personal charges, for which you are responsible.

Online Support : https://support.counterpath.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002425273-Bria-Solo

Account Configuration

Required Information

  1. Extension Number   A 3 or 4-digit number (Ex: 105 or 1050)
  2. Extension Password
  3. Server Hostname    (Ex: myvoip.world-net.net)
  4. Server Port   4-digit number, typically 5060 or 5260

Configure Bria Mobile

  1. Open Bria Mobile
  2. Navitage to 'Accounts' and hit the '+' symbol to add a new account (Select the "I" symbol to edit existing).
  3. Select 'SIP VoIP (SIP) Calling' under User-Defined Generic Accounts
  4. Use the following settings:
    Account Name : <whatever you want to call it>    (Ext 103 or Office)
    Display As : <10 digit phone number>    (Ex: 2105551212, This is what others see when you call)
    Username : <extension number>
    Password : <extension password>
    Domain : <server hostname>:<server port>    (Ex: myvoip.world-net.net:5260)

    Push Notifications: ON/Enabled
    NAT Emulation: ON/Enabled
    Enabled: ON/Enabled

Once you select 'Enabled' to ON, the 'Account Status' at the top of the screen should say 'Registered' if all the settings are correct. You can also select 'Test Push Service' at the bottom and it will perform a test call to itself.