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Yealink T43U Desk Phone

The T43U series phones are VERY solid and excellent quality desk phones at a reasonable price. As of 2022, they are our second most recommended phone due to their capability, reliability, stability and price (the color larger model, the 46U being tops).

These phones carry great internal firmware allowing better configurations and stability across all the different types of networks and firewalls/routers they may be installed behind.

This phone is Wifi and Bluetooth capable with the purchase of an USB plug that is inserted into the back of the phone. This phone is non-color, has a black-and-white type display.

The T43U has two ethernet ports on the back, one for it's incoming connection marked 'network', and another marked 'pc' that you can plug another device into. This 2-port switch type capability allows you to 'add' the phone to an existing network without needing an additional ethernet connection source.

Shown below are pictures of the phone plus additional accessories such as the optional expansion module.

URL : https://www.yealink.com/en/product-detail/ip-phone-t43u

SIP Accounts : 12
Line Keys on Front: 8, but multi-pages to 27
Expansion Module Available: Yes, Supported
PoE or Power Adapter: Yes, Both (adapter separate purchase)
Screen: 3.7" Black & White (Grayscale)

Average Price: $135/ea (Including Configuration & Setup)

Need help setting one up? Our online guide is HERE.